Not All Hand Sanitisers Are The Same

Some hand sanitisers will let you down because…

Several studies have found that hand sanitisers with an alcohol concentration of at least 70% are the most effective. Sanitisers with an alcohol concentration lower than 60% may not completely kill all germs.

Cheaply made, and imported sanitisers can cause a range of issues as a result of bad ingredients, such as poor rubbing alcohol substitutes, which are unsuitable and do not conform to safety standards and regulations.

Rubbing alcohols like ethanol and isopropanol effectively kill bacteria and viruses and are safe to use for hand hygiene products, like Nilco Nilpure Hand Sanitisers. Methanol (wood alcohol), however, is incredibly dangerous because it can cause blindness and can also be toxic if ingested or absorbed through the skin.

It can be difficult to encourage children to use hand sanitisers because of the strong smell of alcohol and nasty lingering odours from low quality hand sanitisers, which can also irritate and dehydrate hands, making them feel rough and sore.

However, we have taken all the boring science into account and excitedly rubbed our hands together (with Nilco Nilpure  Hand Sanitisers, of course)  to create a fun range of hand sanitisers which effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria and have pleasant fragrances that will be enjoyed by both children and adults. With a selection of fragrances and sizes, our sanitisers are quite handy!